LED Lighting from AllTru Electrical



Whether its to update the look of your home, or to save money, there are lots of reasons to renew the lighting in your property. 

The cost of LED lights are a defining factor to many people. With the vast majority of light fittings produced today being LED, it ultimately means that the price has been driven down in recent years. The money-saving factor has always been well publicised, but just how much can you save?

When paying for electricity in your home, it is measured in kWh (Kilo-Watt Hours), the more kWh you use, the more you pay. These kWh, in basic terms, are a measure of how much electricity you use in watts.

When standard GU10 downright fittings are initially installed they are, for example, fitted with a 50 Watt Halogen Lamp. In comparison to a modern LED lamp, these are entirely inefficient. To emit the same amount of light, an LED lamp only uses 5 watts, 10% of what a halogen does. This same ratio applies to other halogen lamps.

Ultimately, by switching your halogen lamps to LED alternatives, you can save around 90% on your lighting cost. Of course this is only an example, and may vary.

As I previously mentioned, LED lighting technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years, meaning that it can be manipulated in any way to suit the aesthetic feel of your home. Lighting is commonly used as a feature nowadays in interior design, thanks to the adaptability of current systems. A lot of modern fittings are also enabling smart-home automation, meaning that they can be switched via phones, Amazon Echo systems, Google Home systems etc. Taking this into account, we feel that we can provide you with exactly the right product to finish off a room spectacularly.

We at AllTru take pride in providing the top components to leave you fully satisfied. Why not give us a call today for inspiration, help, or a free, no-obligation quote.