Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Replacements.


Our experienced and qualified electricians can provide a fuse board (Consumer Unit) replacement to customers in Cornwall who are looking for a reliable, professional service that will ensure electrical safety in their property.

Far too many homes still have old fuse boards. A fuse board replacement will provide much more protection to your home and more importantly, you and your family. A new consumer unit will bring your home up to current electrical safety standards.

I f you do decide to have a fuse board replacement then it is very important to ensure that this job is undertaken by a fully qualified electrician who has many years of experience in fuse board replacements. AllTru Electrical have completed hundreds of fuse board replacements and our clients have been more than satisfied with the end results. 

 Please DO NOT be tempted into using anyone who IS NOT a fully qualified electrician to do electrical work in your property, even if someone offers you something very “cheap”. 


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need a fuse board replacement?

If your electrical installation is safe and meets current regulations for an electrical installation then you won’t need to upgrade. It can be very difficult to ascertain this information through just a visual assessment at your installation without any testing, the best way to make an assessment is to have an electrical inspection carried out.

What are the risks if I don’t change my fuse board?

Accidents involving electrics still happen more often than you may think, having an old, unsafe fuse board increases the risk.

The Electrical Safety Council have released the following eye-opening statistics:

around 70 people die and 1.2 million people are injured as a result of electrical accidents in UK homes every year

around 50% of fires in UK homes are caused by electrical faults, around 21,000 every year

almost all of electrocutions that occur in the home and around 20% of fires with an electrical origin could have been prevented by having RCD protection.

What are the benefits of a fuse board upgrade?

A fuse board replacement makes your home safer for you and your family. A fuse board replacement that is 17th edition RCD protected will make your home safer protecting you from the risk of electric shock & electrical fire.

An RCD protected fuse board is a life saving device that is designed to stop you receiving electric shocks. Half of homes in the UK don’t have an RCD fuse board in place, putting the occupiers at unnecessary risk of electrical accidents.

Increase your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing your consumer will increase the energy efficiency of your property. High performing electrical appliances benefit the environment, as well as saving you money on your utility bills.

Comply with electrical wiring regulations. Many homes around the country contain consumer units that are non compliant with current electrical regulations. A new fuse board ensures that you adhere to modern electrical wiring regulation requirements.

Do you think you may need your fuse board replaced?

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